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J's Bar

Raccoon City's Finest Hangout

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J's Bar [The Resident Evil Outbreak Roleplay]
Welcome to J's Bar, an Outbreak RP. This is mostly OOC stuff, so feel free to make a character as goofy as you want them to be.

The Players!
Kevin Ryman [45auto__ryman]
David King [johnthepanda]

Free Characters!
Mark Wilkins
George Hamilton
Jim Chapman
Yoko Suzuki
Alyssa Ashcroft
Cindy Lennox

Plus, any of the NPC's from the game:
Hursh, Peter, Bob, Will, Greg, Monica, Danny, Gill, Raymond, Arthur, Aaron, Dorian, Elliot, Eric, Harry, and Frank

[If you want to take up a character, feel free to do so, but notify me by posting in the community.]

1. Please. No n00bish 1337 speak. It gets confusing. Keep it with the good grammer.
2. No godrping.
3. No killing off characters or anything drastic like that. If you no longer want to RP as your character, just say so, and the character will be put up for availability.

Contact Info
If you need to contact me, e-mail me at misawa_daichi_gx@yahoo.com or contact me on AIM through XKevin RymanX.