Kevin Ryman (45auto__ryman) wrote in j_s__bar,
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Yes. I hope people join. I think I might have somebody to be David, right now. Not sure though...

But, yes, if you do join, let me know...hold off on David for a bit till I know for sure, okay?

  • Greetings.

    I was wondering if I could perhaps be the good doctor, George Hamilton. Would that be possible?

  • (no subject)

    Is it all right with you if I'm Cindy?

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Hey, how's it going. I want to participate in the role playing adventure, I found this through the post you made in the Resident Evil community. I would like to be David King.
Okay! That's awesome. You can be David, the person that originally told me they wanted to be him never said anything, so they're missing out. Thanks for joining. :3
So when exactly are we going to start up?
Um...sometime soon. I've been lazy. I gotta get more people...^^;
can I join???